Jessica Rossi

Where are the words,

Where is the house,

Where are the ancestors,

Where are my loves

and Where are my friends?


There are none, my child.

Everything has to be built.

You must build the house

where you'll no longer be alone.

You must find the ancestors

who will make you more free

and you must invent

the new sentimental education

through which once again,

you will love.


Call Tunskin



She was angry.



She marched to her bedroom making sure her mother could hear every pounding step she dropped on the wooden stairs.


She searched her room for a way out and grabbed the blanket that had accompanied her ever since her first year of life.


Her mother had made that blanket for her, the same woman that a few minutes ago had calmly gone against her wishes once again.


Inside the blanket she quickly piled a bunch of clothes and her toothbrush: she was ready to go.


She began her descent towards the door, every step thicker than the last, while feeling her anger and courage weaken.


She turned around, the heavy bundle of clothes on her shoulder and walked towards her mother.


She dropped the blanket at her mother’s feet and said: ‘Now you put everything back where it belongs!’


Jessica Rossi



Rara Avis documents the subtil and complex battle between belonging and independance.


It is based on the search for balance in a constant love and hate relationship with our attachment to the people that compose our closest sentimental surroundings.


These people are our mirrors, our references but there comes a time when we need to build our own identity, while fighting to lift off and become our unique selves.



Rara Avis